Case Studies

Hybrid Maine has been producing parallel hybrid systems since 2007 and many of our early systems are still in regular use. Here are a number of Case Studies featuring systems already build with feedback from the boat owners and operators.Click on the picture for further information

Commercial Craft


Natalia is a hundred tonne passenger barge operating on the French and Belgian River and Canal network providing day accommodation for up to 40 passengers. The system is designed to allow the boat to be operated electrically for a whole days cruising including air conditioning and services.
Recharging is achieved using three phase or single phase shore connection, or from the Hybrid operating in Generate modes (up to to 40kW) or from the onboard silenced generator set allowing significant flexibility for operation even where three phase shore supplies are not currently availiable.

Water Taxi

Operating in Amsterdam providing transport and dive support

Narrow Boats

Felonious Mongoose sq

Felonious Mongoose

Built in 2008 with a large 890Ahr battery allowing for extended electric operation recharging at marins and other availiable shore supply points


Chelonian was converted to Hybrid operation in 2007 and is still in regular use with its original set of batteries



Case Study to follow

Margaret Wroughton 2Margret Wraughton II

Case Study to follow




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